Best Gaming Mouse Reviews 2014


Most appreciated gaming mice 2014


Mouse technology has made greater and greater strides over the years, much to the delight of gamers all around the world. Gaming is war for many people, and the constant upgrades and innovations in the gaming mouse industry translate to nothing short of an arms race. The constant competition has led to better and better mouse models appearing in the market, making a big niche specifically for gamers with specialized needs. This could make it difficult for you to choose the best model out there, but don’t worry—our specialists are here to provide you a review of the best gaming mice 2014. Our experts start with a discussion on what features to look for when deciding on which gaming mouse to find, ranging from DPI rates to cord length and weight customization. Specific reviews of five different models follow to provide you an in-depth and in-context discussion on gaming mice.

After a comprehensive review of numerous articles and gaming mouse reviews 2014, our experts have identified five key features to look for in a gaming mouse. First, most gaming mice have multiple programmable buttons—you can go as low as five buttons and as high as around twenty. The best models, however, allow you to save the button configurations on the mouse. Next, DPI rates tell you how smooth and accurate tracking would be using the mouse; anything over 2000DPI should suffice. Another factor, naturally, is the physical design of the model—including the grip, the texture, and the aesthetics. Make sure that you use a mouse with a cord—wireless mice do not offer the same speed. Lastly, the weight is a big consideration as well—the best models offer customizable weights to suit your needs.



Razer Naga Gaming Mouse


best gaming mouse reviews 2014The Razer Naga has a total of 17 buttons which can be customized depending on your preferences. The buttons have a good texture, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the cell phone-style button grid quickly—although for users with shorter fingers, it would take a little longer. It works with 8200DPI 4G sensors, giving you good precision in movement. The ergonomics of the model enables the best gaming experience for any hand size and any mouse-holding style, and its slick aesthetic makes it highly appealing. The scroll wheel goes in four directions, and the long cord is a big plus for gamers as well. There are reported issues, however, with double and triple-clicking. Other than that, the only drawback so far is the rather lightweight feel of the model, as it is not adjustable. All in all, Razer is a trusted name in the industry already, and their latest offering is solid enough for gamers. It has a learning curve of around 18 hours, and it is regarded as one of the best gaming mice 2014.

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Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse


2The Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable has 11 customizable buttons in total. With its 32-bit ARM processor, you can assign complex macros or single functions to these 11 buttons. The model even has a set of buttons to quickly shift between five DPI settings, allowing you to move from as low as 200DPI to a maximum of 12000DPI in seconds. The G502 is higher and slimmer than Logitech’s previous offering, and the consensus it that it provides better ergonomics. The side grips provide a rubber feel, giving you a better grip. The blue light on the palm rest, however, could be distracting at times, as many users noted. The cord is pretty durable, but is otherwise unremarkable. One of its biggest advantages, however, is its adjustable weight. The G502 comes with additional five 3.6g weights. However, it must be noted that some users reported an issue with the mouse wheel, as it sometimes spins freely instead of clicking. These features make the G502 a strong contender as the best gaming mouse 2014.

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Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse


3The Razer DeathAdder has a total of five buttons—that might sound too few in comparison to the other models in this list, but it is actually sufficient for decent gameplay. The buttons are extremely sensitive, and these provide tactile feedback upon pressing. Coupled with its 6400DPI 4G optical sensor, the model provides high accuracy and precision. The model provides a good grip with its matte finish and rubber-textured side grips, giving you good control of the mouse. Compared to previous Razer models, the scrolling wheel is flatter and more responsive. The Razer DeathAdder uses a cord as well, and its length is a big plus. The weight is not adjustable, which is a disadvantage of the model. Many users note, however, that the green light on the palm rest could be distracting. Furthermore, a bigger issue is that the model requires that you sign in every time you use it—even when in offline mode—and this could be tedious.

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Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse


4The Logitech G400s has eight programmable buttons, allowing you to assign intricate macros or simple functions for quick and easy use. You can also choose preconfigured settings, so there is no need for software to use the extra buttons. Similar to the G502, the G400s has buttons for switching between different DPI rates, starting from 400DPI at the lowest and 4000DPI at maximum. The model has a slick, simple look, with a semi-gloss finish on top and rubber-textured sides. This provides a fingerprint-proof hydrophobic coating, preventing stickiness even if your hand starts getting clammy. User consensus is that the G400s is considerably durable; the cord is also long, which is a big advantage. It is not braided like other gaming mice, but the material is stiff and seems to be tangle-free—although several users also noted issues with the cord of the G400s. Lastly, the weight of the model does not seem to be customizable. Regardless, it ranks among the top in gaming mouse reviews 2014.

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Redragon Perdition Gaming Mouse


5The Redragon Perdition boasts of a total of 19 programmable buttons with five memory profiles. The model has a 16400DPI laser sensor—this is a good DPI level already, but note that many gamers prefer optical sensors over laser sensors. The Redragon Perdition has a solid, well-built feel, and the texture provides a good grip. Its aesthetics and design are good, and even the LED color is programmable. The cord is long, sturdy, and braided. Weight tuning is a big plus, as you can customize the weight of the model to fit your tastes. However, several users also noted minor issues regarding the model. For one, some of the buttons in the back column are difficult to reach. There are also no left or right tilt functions in the mouse wheel. All in all, however, while the Redragon Perdition might not be the best gaming mouse 2014, it costs less and gives you good value for your money.

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Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 – Gaming Mouse


If you a gaming enthusiast, you might have heard of the MAD Catz R.A.T. 7–gaming mouse. The best gaming mouse reviews details more about R.A.T.7.
R.A.T.7 is a highly-customizable mouse which enables you to interchange and tweak various parts to suit every gaming needs and settings. Futuristic in its looks, it is like metal and plastic plates thrown together and bundled to be a mouse. Some people who initially got issues with its design are now turned to satisfied customers who prefer to use R.A.T 7 over other brands of gaming mouse.

Truly remarkable with its customizable-comfortable grip, one can swapped numerous discrete parts to suit your preference. Add or remove weights on its internal compartment, or adjust the thumb rest length, and most importantly, the stock palm rest or swap the pinkie. You can record keyboard and mouse combinations with our Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 – gaming mouse. Whether you are a left- or right-handed gamer, this product is for you.

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Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse


Definitely one of the top gaming mouse in the market, the Logitech G9X gaming mouse boasts of the many features that will help anyone looking to play both online or offline games. Blast your way through faster response times, frictionless scrolling and adjustable weights, the G9X would also work diverse computer works since it is extremely customizable, giving you the exact feel you want to work with, and with the addition of super smooth pads underneath it.
Experience complete gaming satisfaction with its highly customizable mouse combinations. With G9X, the ability to click quickly is essential. Get complete game response with just a tiny bit of pressure which will spell a whole lot of difference on how certain games are played. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the rate at which your mouse moves across the screen, allowing you to increase or decrease its rate and sensitivity in order to get more precise movements.  GX9 allows for an interchangeable grip to help keep your hand comfortable especially if you are going to be using the computer for long periods of time. This grip can be taken off later to allow for more control over the mouse, which is very critical in certain games.

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Corsair Vengeance M60 Mouse


The gaming world constantly evolves and new additions are made every day.The top rated gaming mouse customer reviews points out what a lot of gamers are saying that the Corsair Vengeance M60 is the perfect mouse for FPS enthusiasts. The Corsair M60 has aluminum unibody with rubberized matt feeling that automatically sends you the signal that what you are using a very sophisticated game-designed mouse, although just reasonably priced.

Probably one of the best-looking gaming mice out there, the Corsair M60 has quality written all over it and you will be a believer once you start using this mouse. Once used, what will be embedded in your gaming experience would be very smooth, comfortable and of course, FUN.

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Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse


Logitech G7 reviewMost gamers are not that keen on using a cordless mouse. Why you may ask? Well it is because the battery life of these mice do not last that long and there is also this high possibility of lag. But then again, with the Logitech G7, which boasts of programmable buttons, adjustable levels of sensitivity, and an easily changeable battery, there is no need for you to worry about such problems. Learn more about the product in this quick Logitech G7 review.

The Logitech G7 weighs just 4.7 ounce, which makes it a pretty light gaming mouse. While the device looks as if it will easily fit right-handed and left-handed users, the G7 is actually meant only for right-handed individuals, which is one drawback of this Logitech mouse, well that is if you can really consider it to be one. It features 2 sensitivity buttons placed conveniently beneath the thumb wheel as well as another programmable switch located next to the thumb rest. There is a tiny battery indicator on top, and an eject push-button underneath the device that allows you to swap the battery fast and easily. The Logitech G7 laser cordless mouse includes 2 battery packs as well as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) charging dock. The G7 also comes with a wireless receiver which can be plugged onto the USB port of your personal computer and the charging dock of the device. You can find the Logitech G7 for sale in many stores online, with some offering the Logitech G7 discounted in price.

The sensitivity buttons of the Logitech G7 are set by default to 400, 800, 2000 dpi (dots per inch). The device’s thumb button activates an Internet browser’s back command, also by default. If you want to get the full benefit from this particular cordless mouse, then you will need to install the SetPoint software (also included in the package), that allows you to adjust the dpi settings as well as reprogram the thumb switch as per your specific preference.

The Logitech G7 is extremely comfortable and pleasant to use, and it performs flawlessly as well. The sensitivity buttons found on this device are also very easy as well as convenient to reach. There are no glitches or lags when it comes to movement, all of the buttons offered impressive tactile feedback and the battery life of the Logitech G7 is highly acceptable – all of these are according to hardcore gamers that tested the device. It comes to no surprise then to see the Logitech G7 ratings so very high! The battery is rated to last for approximately 8 hours of continuous usage. The battery pack also charges rapidly. It only needs a maximum of 3 hours to charge up, and it would already have lasting power.

The Logitech G7 laser cordless mouse has a 3-year limited warranty. You can also access support and service via the support website of Logitech. Driver download, software updates, as well as user forums are also available on their website. If you believe that this is the right mouse for you, then browse online now for great Logitech G7 deals!

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Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse


 Logitech M510 reviewIf you are out to shop for a mouse, one of such product in particular that you should definitely check out is the M510 wireless laser mouse from Logitech. Here is a quick Logitech M510 reviewto provide you more information regarding this nifty device.

The Logitech M510 is a full-sized cordless mouse that has more to offer you than meets the eye. With this mouse under the palm of your hand, you can do so much more, much more easily. Featuring soft rubberized grips as well as an expertly contoured shape, the Logitech M510 provides you extreme comfort all day long, while the programmable buttons, standard buttons for forward and backward function, side to side scrolling and zoom buttons gives you the power to scroll, click as well as zoom with just a simple flick of your finger. It has laser tracking that allows for fluid cursor control along with 2-years worth of battery life. The M510 also comes included with a small Logitech patented Unifying Receiver which remains perfectly in place in your PC. So, you just plug the device onto your computer and then forget about it, and connect more (up to 6) Unifying compatible gadgets without extra USB receivers. All of the wonderful things that caused the high Logitech M510 ratings!

Resting while working – is this possible? Well with the Logitech M510, such is indeed possible! Its expertly contoured shape comfortably supports your hand all throughout the day. You can find the Logitech M510 for sale in many stores online, and if you just take the time to look around you might even find some sites offering the Logitech M510 discounted in price.

Perform all of the things that you usually do more quickly as well as efficiently, like for instance, browse through documents and/or Web pages, with forward and back buttons, 3 highly programmable buttons as well as side to side scrolling and zoom. The latter requires the Logitech Setpoint software (if you are a Windows user) or the LogitechControlCenter software (if you are using Mac OS X). The required software can be easily downloaded from the Logitech main website.

Are you sick and tired of always having to swap the batteries of your mouse? One of the major reasons as to why most people are not that keen on using cordless mice is because their battery can be short lived. Well, that is not going to be the case with the Logitech M510. Logitech promises 2 years worth of battery life on the M510. This wireless laser mouse has an On and Off button as well as a smart sleep mode which both helps in conserving juice, while its tiny battery indicator light gets rid of unwanted surprises.

Take pleasure in accurate laser tracking for fluid as well as responsive cursor control along different kinds of surfaces. Note that the laser light sensor will not work on mirrors or glass.

Being Windows and Mac compatible, the Logitech M510 is certainly an excellent mouse to have. Shop online for great Logitech M510 deals.

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Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse


 Razer Abyssus reviewRazer is a popular manufacturer of computer peripherals that specializes in PC gaming hardware, which includes keyboards, mice, as well as speaker setups for PC games aficionados. This American company is well-regarded within the industry of gaming, with majority of their products getting nothing but positive reviews and praises. In this writing you will get to learn more about one of the company’s most popular creations, the Razer Abyssus. Here you will find out the reasons behind the very high Razer Abyssus ratings.

LED lights, high DPI (dots per inch) resolution and additional programmable buttons – according to many experts these are what make up a truly great gaming mouse. Although the Razer Abyssus lacks special LED light ups as well as any additional buttons, it does however have an astounding 3500 DPI Infrared Sensor, which gives you enhanced speed and accuracy. As a matter of fact, this gaming mouse has the highest DPI in its given class. The Razer Abyssus boasts of a super fast one millisecond response time, and a Razer patented software in which they refer to as Drift Control that is a kind of prediction that you can actually switch off in case you want to by just downloading a special software.

The Abyssus also features a unique sensitivity adjustment, three large independently programmable rubber buttons, a USB wire connection, and it is Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible. What really makes this gaming mouse very special in spite of it lacking other flashy implements are its straightforward and simplistic design, its user-friendliness and the precision as well as accuracy that it provides. You can find the Razer Abyssus for sale in many stores online and offline.

While this particular Razer gaming mouse has generally received productive reviews, like most things in life, it has some setbacks that can make the Razer Abyssus less than attractive to some users.

Together with the absence of additional programmable keys, accessing the three different DPI settings can be somewhat annoying as it is inconveniently located on the bottom part of the device. The special Drift Control can be pretty handy, although kind of irritating as well, since it enables you to draw perfect circles; however, it can sometimes incorrectly ‘predict’ movement. But then again, as what was mentioned earlier, you can simply switch off this feature if you do not want it.

In spite of all this, the Abyssus from Razer is still a very easy to utilize and extremely powerful gaming mouse, and it has been received favorably by the PC gaming community. There are many stores over the Internet that sells the Razer Abyssus discounted when it comes to price. There are also a number of online retailers that offer great bundle packages of the product.

Take your gaming experience to a whole new level with the Razer Abyssus. Aside from being an efficient gaming mouse, it is a very handy tool also for those who do computer graphics designs. Look online now for great Razer Abyssus deals and experience the difference yourself!

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Razer Orochi Gaming Mouse


 Razer Orochi Elite reviewRazer Orochi is considered by the company as their most high-tech gaming mouse to date. It has wonderful features that are all aimed at making sure that you get the best possible PC gaming experience. What makes this gaming mouse so special? Why the high and positive Razer Orochi ratings and reviews? Well, you will find out the answers to those questions in this brief article. Read on if you are interested.

The Orochi PC gaming mouse from Razer features four side buttons, with two on the left side and the other two on the right side. These side keys are utilized in order to alter the device’s sensitivity settings in order to cater to your particular preferences as well as needs. Therefore, in case you are looking for a mouse that you can customize in order to accommodate your particular wants and needs, then the Razer Orochi is certainly the mouse for you! After you have altered the sensitivity of the mouse to accommodate your preferences, the new settings will get stored onto the memory of the device or the built-in Razer Synapse Memory as it is called. You first have to hook up to the USB to program it in order for these settings to be accepted as well as stored. You can find the Razer Orochi for sale both online and offline.

With regards to performance, the mouse handles remarkable acceleration with much ease. The uncommonly low takeoff distance actually makes the device’s switch more pleasing than you typically would anticipate it to be. The mouse’s sensor is also precisely positioned along the middle of the device. This actually helps to enhance the device’s sensitivity and, at the very same time, enhance the Razer Orochi’s performance. As a gaming enthusiast who wants a fast and accurate mouse, you are surely going to love using the Razer Orochi. There are a number of stores online that offer the Razer Orochi discounted in price.

Yet another great feature of this particular gaming mouse from Razer is its Teflon feet. The Razer Orochi has four amply-sized Teflon feet along its underside which gives it the capacity to very smoothly glide onto the surface while you move the mouse around. Furthermore, this feature also helps make the Orochi stable, and hence there is no need for you to worry of it wobbling or such as you go and move it around.

But then again, something which some gamers did not find great about this device is its small and compact size. This gaming mouse is rather small as compared to the other gaming mice made by Razer. The Orochi’s small size gives a sort of uncomfortable as well as sore feeling to some gamers after making use of the mouse for several hours. However, all in all, the Razer Orochi is still an excellent gaming mouse to have. It is a high performance mouse that offers exceptional precision as well as accuracy. With so many stores online that are offering great Razer Orochi deals, the Razer Orochi is indeed a product worth purchasing.

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Razer Elite Ergonomic Mamba Gaming Mouse


Best gaming mouse 2013

Revolutionize your gaming experience with the technologically smooth Razer Mamba-gaming mouse. Designed for gaming enthusiasts, it offers an incredibly good experience and comfort because of its very smooth, stress-free operation.

The Razer Mamba-gaming mouse, one of the best gaming mouse 2014, is quite a popular choice among many and comes in a lot of different shapes, DPI settings, tracking technologies, thus making each mouse different from the other. This wireless beauty is definitely top notch and one that is here to lead the pack.

Razer Mamba-gaming mouse can handle hundreds of frames per second and offers a really stylish performance that is quite hard to beat by other competitors.